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We boast New Zealand's only two level go kart track!
Not only do we have the two levels but we have a long fast straight, tighter more technical hair pin corners and also fast corners for passing!

We welcome all ages from 10 years old and up to give it a go, its awesome fun and customers always leave with a massive smile on their face.

Our fully automated timing system will track your lap times down to a 1000th of a second
The timing system we use is the same as that used by professional race tracks around the world.
After your race on the track you can expect to see the following from our system:
  • Finishing positions.
  • How much each team trailed the winning team by.
  • Fastest lap of the race.
  • In which lap the fastest time what done in.
  • Number of laps completed by each person/team.
  • Total racing time.
And there is a whole lot more information that we are able to extract from you system.